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Butterflies of Tamilnadu – Hardcover Book

Butterflies of Tamilnadu – Hardcover Book

“Butterflies of Tamil Nadu” book is a maiden effort by Tamil Nadu Forest Department in association with Act for Butterflies.

This book introduces 312+ species of butterflies with their Tamil name and also a guide to 32 important butterfly hotspots in Tamilnadu.

The highlight of the Butterfly Coffee table book is :

  • The first book with Tamilnadu & Western Ghats 323 Butterfly species information and 310 Tamil names.
  • First time using QR code technology to connect important TN & India’s major butterfly conservation websites.
  • Tamilnadu rich Butterfly Bio-diversity & 32 important Butterfly Hotspots.
  • Butterflies of Tamilnadu coffee table book also serve as a basic field guide for the beginners.

These Butterflies have been widely used by ecologists as model organisms to study the impact of habitat loss and fragmentation, and climate change. This book will also give basic key ideas about Butterfly Conservation activities in Tamilnadu.

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